Aluminum Brightener — The Science

I don’t know of anyone in the fleetwashing chemicals business who did not regularly insult my intelligence in the many years that we were in the truck washing business before we became Omega Chemical. In the dozens of videos that I have made for Youtube, I have tried not to do that. We never rely on crazy names for our products, like “Super Blaster Mega Wow,” or other names that sound like a kid’s giant squirt gun. We rely on chemical performance, not hype. Add to that our many years at the end of the wand in the truck washing business, and you will come to realize the very first time you talk with us that WE CAN HELP YOU!

It really does come down to understanding two things: the nature of the enemy, and how to hunt it down & kill it. The enemy is principally oxidation, & the weapon is the right chemical bond so that the film can be removed chemically and not in hand-to-hand combat with a brush as your weapon. If you are still stuck in that mode, P-L-E-A-S-E watch our videos!!! There is not a week that goes by that we at Omega Chemical do not hear from several truck washers who are overflowing with praise for these videos. They have been the key that has liberated many companies and put them in a more profitable bracket than they had ever imagined. You can hear from some of them on these videos.

It comes down to the ability to create a chemical bond with the road film that is stronger than the bond that the film has on the surface of the fleet vehicles. To accomplish that is the long touchdown pass. To tackle tough film with third-rate chemicals is “three yards & a cloud of dust.” We can get you in the truck washing end zone. Our $99 sample pallet will make a believer out of you INSTANTLY! We promise.

When it comes to our five Aluminum Brighteners, Omega Chemical is all about ripping off road film. You can’t do that with Ivory Soap; that takes chemical POWER. Road film is OXIDATION, and oxidation is OXYGEN MOLECULES. If your chemical cannot create a bond with those oxygen molecules that is stronger than the bond they have with the vehicle surface, YOU WILL HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO BRUSH! If you have that bond working for you, YOU WILL THROW AWAY YOUR BRUSHES, as so many of Omega’s customers have done, & they will tell you so in our videos. I hope you will watch them. They will take your business to the next level.

Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.

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