Are You Paying for Water?

When I was a kid and Muscle Cars were the only thing cool on wheels, there was no such thing as “overpowered.” If you could burn 10,000 miles of rubber off your tires in one start, MORE POWER TO YOU!

That has been something of our philosophy in engineering the best Aluminum Brighteners in the world here at Omega Chemical.

I remember checking out a drum of brightener in the pump room of a major Midwestern truck wash a couple of years ago. The smell of acid was weak and faint. The drum was about 75 lbs. light by my standards, indicating lots of water at the expense of acid, and I could tell by the smell that the mix was not only weak but crude.

When I watched the workers put on the thin, watery mix that passed for brightener, here is what I said to the truckwash owner: “There is such a thing as poor value in truck washing chemicals, and then there is FRAUD. You are closer to being a victim of fraud, then you are to just having inferior brightener.

They ordered some AB-55 and DOUBLED the speed of their wash, got rave reviews from the majority of their customers, and told the old supplier to come back & get his four drums of junk still shrinkwrapped on a pallet.

The truth is that a PH of 1, like their old stuff, is PATHETIC! Our AB-55 tests out at closer to ZERO, which is 10 times stronger than a PH of 1. That is what you get when you buy real Aluminum Brightener and not water!

Want to double the strength of the AB-55 & get closer to 50-60:1dilution? If you will sign the waiver and certify to us that you have at least 3 years of experience with Hydrofluoric Acid based Aluminum Brightener & that you inject your chemicals with no handling involved, we will sell you Omega’s ECONOBRITE 2X. Don’t look for the “Satin Shine” here, just some power and economy that you wouldn’t believe if I told you.

Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.
Omega Chemical

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