The “Satin Shine”

Years ago we used to blend Aluminum Brightener for other companies. Some times it went through up to three middle-men before it got to the seller’s showroom floor. By then the price was ridiculously high, and unfortunately, the quality wasn’t anything to brag about. I used to call one of these brighteners that we made for the company with the biggest name recognition in the U.S., the “Ford Pinto of Brighteners.” It was about as basic and crude as a brightener could get, and unfortunately you have to look around for a LONG time even today to do better.

The problem with most Aluminum brighteners today is twofold: WEAK & CRUDE! Most brighteners are no friend to aluminum surfaces. I have often said that they should often not be called “Aluminum Brighteners” but “ALUMINUM WHITENERS!”

Enter Omega Chemical’s Satin Brighteners: AB-55, SAFE-T-BRITE, & CITRABRITE. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words and a video is worth a million, I’ll let the video at the end of this post do my talking for me. Remember, these photos are from our customers & they have not been retouched in any way!

I think that you will understand instantly what we mean when we talk about the “Satin Shine.” Of course, these results are achieved at high dilution ratios (25-30:1), and as with all our one-step truck washing products, with COLD WATER & NO BRUSHING.

So kick back & see the results achieved by others with these products, and then ask yourself if the prospect of operating on this level every day isn’t worth the $99 investment in the Omega Sample Pallet: 5 gal. Magnum K, 5 gal. Safe-T-Brite, 5 gal. AB-55 Brightener, & 40 lbs. of Pro White Powder.

We can revolutionize your truck washing business!

Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph.D.
Omega Chemical

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