Omega Chemical’s Citrus Brighteners

Omega Chemical developed its first Citrus brightener almost 25 years ago. We were so far ahead of the curve on these products that we didn’t even know enough to put “Citrus” in the name. Nevertheless, our “Safe-T-Brite” was a TRUE Citrus Aluminum Brightener, not a cheap brightener with artificial lemon scent like you find all over the place today.

Safe-T-Brite and Citrabrite Aluminum Brighteners are the acid brighteners of the future and the future is here. They have been developed by Omega Chemical to improve the safety of traditional aluminum brighteners (Hydrofluoric Acid based Brighteners), yet, still remove road film, grime, algae, scum, lime deposits, water line stains, oxidation, and brightens aluminum with a true SATIN SHINE, not the dull, whitened look of most brighteners. AND, they do this at very respectable dilution ratios: 20:1, with NO brushing, of course.

Safe-T-Brite and Citrabrite work just like the traditional aluminum trailer and pontoon cleaners and brighteners (Hydrofluoric Acid Brighteners) but WITHOUT the riskier hazards and side effects associated with brighteners in days past. Forget the toxic and poisonous concerns and step up to new GREEN Citrus technology!

Safe-T-Brite and Citrabrite use a special blend of four acids, primarily Citric Acid. This reduces the corrosive levels of chemical energy long associated with aluminum brightening and cleaning. Not only that, but we accomplish this WITHOUT TAKING THE GUTS OUT THESE PRODUCTS!

On pontoon boats they excel in removing algae, scum, lime deposits, water line stains, and oxidation. On aluminum trailers they excel at brightening and removing ALL oxidation at 15 to 25:1 with COLD WATER & NO BRUSHING! We also blend special surfactants and detergents into these brighteners to release oils, greases, and virtually any foreign material.

Polished Aluminum: Yes, Safe-T-Brite and Citrabrite can dull polished aluminum. (If your aluminum brightener doesn’t dull polished aluminum, you don’t have much of a brightener!) If you are not ready to polish but would like to brighten aluminum, we suggest “Flash Brightening,” a longstanding secret of many truck washes. To do this, you apply Safe-T-Brite or Citrabrite at 20:1 & IMMEDIATELY rinse with water. (Always test a small area. Adjust dilutions to your application.)

Jerry Kaifetz, Ph.D.

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