Understanding Aluminum Brightener

Cleaning aluminum is a different endeavor from the cleaning of any other surface. The reason for this is that aluminum never gets “dirty” in the traditional sense. Aluminum is susceptible to another kind of process: OXIDATION.

Oxidation on aluminum is often referred to as “road film.” In fact, this is the first stage of rust. Oxidation is the chemical process of removing electrons from an element or compound , frequently together with the removal of hydrogen ions (H+). So the change in the aluminum is then a CHEMICAL change. To simply try to reverse this process by scrubbing is never going to work. Truck washers quite often get stuck in this “Fred Flintsone” mode. Stay there & you are destined to work for wages and never realize the economic potential of chemically efficient fleet washing.

This is why our Aluminum Brighteners at Omega Chemical are highly concentrated with up to four different acids. Without a strong concentration of these compounds, you will never clean aluminum efficiently. You can see these products at Our Website: Omegachemical.com. We also have several videos on Youtube that will allow you to hear what our customers themselves are saying about the brushless efficiency they have achieved with Omega Chemical’s line of truck washing products.

Basic Laws of Chemistry dictate the greatest efficiency when ACID based products are used on METAL surfaces, & ALKALINE products are used on SYNTHETIC surfaces.

That is why Omega Chemical has built their Aluminum brighteners on sound chemical components, and PLENTY of them, and the same for our No. 2 Truck Wash and our revolutionary new product: MAGNUM K.

Chemical energy gives you ECONOMY & POWER: 30:1, $6-$7 A GALLON,  cold water, no brushing!

Are your Costs out of control?

Part 2 of a 5 part Video Series on Truck Washing Secrets
Aluminum Brightener

Jerry Kaifetz, Ph.D.

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